About Bedlamcopy...

Firstly, welcome and thanks for coming!

I'm an independent Brisbane artist who draws weird characters and content. It's all rather unique and an acquired taste. I decided to name this little world I've created Bedlamcopy.  For several years now I've dreamt of turning my art into an apparel brand and its finally happening!  I'm absolutely thrilled to have a line of clothing on offer for purchase with plans of many more designs and products to come! 

I'm open to collaborations and personalised designs for your business/brand/organisation etc. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.  I'm just a normal dude who's happy to chat. 

Check out my Instagram for my entire collection to date and if you like it please throw me a follow or share! It's not easy starting out so I welcome all positive interaction and exposure. It really helps me out and i'm so very grateful.

Thank you so much for time and interest.